One- week of Print- Media advertisement, 10- 16 July 2016


Like TV and Radio, the quantity of print- media advertisement is also decreased after Eid- ul- Fitr. The second week of July has witnessed over 25 thousand column- inches of ads by more than 3 hundred companies. The top advertising company Unilever Bangladesh generated over 4.1 thousand column- inches, while Agrani Bank ads consumed over 7 hundred column- inches of ads following Unilever. All of the other advertisers among top spared over 6 hundred column- inches independently. They are Standard Chartered Bank, Teletalk and Amin Mohammad Group. Besides, Lux Soap tops the list of advertising brands with more than 1.5 thousand column- inches of ads. However, 15 July becomes the top advertising day of the week for Print Media ads with more than 4.5 thousand column- inches of ads. Moreover, Prothom Alo is the top publisher of print media ads with more than 2.7 thousand column- inches.