A portrayal of Cosmetics and Toiletries ads in Print Media, 10- 16 July 2016


Figure: Print Media top 5 Cosmetics and Toiletries brands

Cosmetics and Toiletries ads covered over 3.8 thousand column- inches over the week 10- 16 July 2016. Almost 30 brands left their mark in advertising of the week. Lux Soap being the top brand circulated over 1.5 thousand column- inches. The nearest figure is almost 4 hundred column- inches by Fair & Lovely Face Wash followed instantly by Sunsilk Conditioner with more than 3 hundred column- inches of ads. The rest of the 2 brands among top 5 are Dove Bar and Lifebuoy Soap with over 2 hundred column- inches separately. However, English language newspaper Daily Sun ranks as the top publisher of Cosmetics and Toiletries ads with more than 5 hundred column- inches. In addition, 11 July is the top advertising day this category having published over 9 hundred column- inches.