A Review of Print Media Advertisement, August 2016

PR Review

Figure: Print Media top 5 advertising brands

Print Media marketing along with TV and Radio ensures maximum reach to the consumers. Besides, it has longer effects over consumers than any other advertising format. However, Print Media has witnessed over 2 Lac column- inches of ads during August 2016. Banking advertisement has always comes on the top of advertising product in Print Media. For example, being the top advertiser Islami Bank Bangladesh circulated over 12.7 thousand column-inches of ads. There are three banks among top 5 advertising companies. Government owned Sonali Bank and Agrani Bank ads consumed over 4.7 thousand and around 3.3 thousand column-inches of ads respectively as the fourth and fifth best advertisers in Print Media. In the meantime, global multinational consumer goods company Unilever Bangladesh has promoted using almost 12 thousand column-inches of advertisement spaces as the second best advertiser in the row. Local conglomerate Pran-Rfl comes in the third position having advertised over 4.8 thousand column-inches of ads. However, the top advertising day for Print Media advertising was 12 August with over 17 thousand column-inches of ads. Meanwhile, Prothom Alo was the top publisher of ads in August with the figure of over 23 thousand column-inches of advertising spaces. Moreover, banking ads being the top advertising category has promoted over 57 thousand column-inches of ads, while Education being the second highest category promoted over 19 thousand column-inches of ads.