Advertising of Electric and Electronic Product in Print Media, August 2016

Electric and Electronic PM

Figure: Print Media top 5 Electric and Electronic Brands

Electric and Electronic has been ranked as the third highest advertising category in Print Media. More than 1 hundred and 40 brands spared around 19.4 thousand column-inches of ads all over during August 2016. Singer Refrigerator has become the top advertising brand of the month having consumed over 2 thousand column-inches of ads followed immediately by Walton Refrigerator that was published through newspaper pages consuming over 1.7 thousand column-inches. Other top advertising brands were Best Electronics, Bizli Cables and Electra International. Best Electronics ads covered over 1.2 thousand column-inches, while both Bizli Cables and Electra International ads’ covered over 7 hundred column-inches individually. However, the top advertising day for Electric and Electronic ads in Print Media was 1 August with almost 1.8 thousand column-inches of ads. And Prothom Alo being the top publisher of Electric and Electronic ads published over 4.2 thousand column-inches.