Housing and Real Estate Advertising through Print Media, August 2016

Housing & Real Estate PM

Housing and Real Estate ads are likely to be published mostly in Print Media. However, more than 7 thousand column-inches of ads printed throughout newspaper and magazine pages during August 2016. The top advertiser of Housing and Real Estate during August was Amin Mohammad Group with around 1.6 thousand column-inches of advertising spaces, while Dom Inno has circulated almost 4 hundred column-inches as the second highest advertising brand. Rupayan Group on the other hand has published over 3 hundred column-inches of ads. However, the top advertising day for Housing and Real Estate was 24 August with more than 4 hundred column-inches of spaces. And Prothom Alo was the top publisher of Housing and Real Estate ads with more than 2.6 thousand column-inches of advertising spaces. There were 80 brands promoted their products through marketing in Print Media.