A Brief to Advertisements in Magazine, September 2016

Magazine ReviewPrint Media advertisement does not only include newspaper rather there are several other wings to it. Advertisements in magazine for example are one such wing to the print media advertisement. It has witnessed over 24 thousand column-inches of ads during September 2016. The top advertiser is represented by Unilever Bangladesh with over 3.4 thousand column-inches, while local manufacturer Square Group's product line covered over 1.8 thousand column-inches of ads. The other notable advertisers among top 5 are Kohinoor Chemical, ACI Limited, and Pran-Rfl Group; the figures of advertisements are around 1.4 thousand column-inches, over 8 hundred column-inches, and over 7 hundred column-inches respectively. The top advertising day for advertisements in magazine was traced back on 1 September with more than 15 thousand column-inches, while Shaptahik is the top magazine that published over 3.1 thousand column-inches of ads throughout September.