Top Detergent Powder Brands in Magazine, September 2016

Detergent PowderAll the detergent powder brands together spared almost 1.4 thousand column-inches of ads. The top brand Fast Wash circulated over 4 hundred column-inches, while the following brand Rin Power White consumed almost 3 hundred column-inches. Another brand of Rin family Rin Refresh promoted over 1 hundred column-inches. The remaining brands are Chaka Advanced Washing Powder and Wheel Lemon and Rose; the figures of advertisements are over 1 hundred column-inches respectively. The top advertising day for detergent ads in magazine was 1 September with almost 9 hundred column-inches, hence, Anyadin and Anyadhara are the top two publishers of detergent powder ads with more than 2 hundred column-inches respectively.