May vs. June 2014

RDC increased by 17% in June

Duration of RDCs on 8 Radio Station of the country increased by more than 17 percent from nearly 2.5 lakh seconds in May to 2.5 lakh seconds in June, 2014. Over 75 thousand RDCs were aired in May. But the number rose to almost 87 thousand in June. The cost of RDCs also rose from 10 crore taka in May to over 13 crore taka in the next month.

RDC increased in June

Total duration of RDCs aired on ABC Radio increased by 20 percent from over 5 lakh seconds in May to 6.25 lakh seconds in June. This station aired the highest duration of RDCs in both the months. Astonishingly, the duration of RDCs aired on Bangladesh Betar increased by 109 percent from nearly 65 thousand in May to 135 thousand in June.

On the other hand, People’s Radio was the only station that aired less RDCs in June compare to May. Duration of RDCs aired on this station decreased by 8 percent from 2.18 lakh seconds in May to 1.99 lakh seconds in June. Duration of RDCs in all the all other radio stations including Dhaka FM, Radio Aamar, Radio Foorti, Radio Shadhin and Radio Today increased significantly in June compare to May.