Radio Commercial Top Ready Food Brands, 01-15 November 2016

Ready Food RadioRadio commercial has heard more than 3 thousand minutes of ready food commercials during the first 15 days of November 2016. There are more than 20 ready food brands that promoted their commercials through radio channels. It is noticeable that all of the 4 ready food brands among top 5 are products of Pran-Rfl Group. The top brand Pran Yogurt promoted more than 9 hundred minutes of commercial duration. The second in the list is Pran Chutney [Pickle] with over 5 hundred minutes of duration. The remaining two brands among top 5 are Pran Peanut Bar and Pran Jelly; the figures of durations are over 5 hundred minutes and more than 2 hundred minutes respectively. However, the top advertising day for ready food commercial was 4 November with over 2 hundred minutes, while City FM was the top publisher of ready food advertisements with over 5 hundred minutes.