News Monitoring - Telecom Industry in May, 2014

All news on telecom sector aired on TV channels

Telecom News Monitoring - Print Media - table - May, 2014

A total of 297 news reports on telecom industry, that have a total duration of 14,460 seconds, were aired on 21 television channels of the country in May, 2014. Total PR value of all the telecom news aired in deferent TV channels was just below three crore taka.

Channel 24 aired the highest duration of news on telecom sector in that month among all the TV channels of the country. This TV channel aired a total of 1,989 seconds of telecom news. Channel-I was at the second position that aired 1,523 seconds oftelecom news.




Duration and PR Value of news on different telecom operators

Telecom News duration-May, 2014
PR Cost - Telecom TV News- May, 2014Most duration of telecom news aired on different TV channels in May was on Grameenphone. A total of 7,507 seconds of news was aired on this mobile operator in that month. The PR value of all the aired Grameenphone news was more than one and half crore taka. Total duration of Robi related TV news was 2,573 seconds that has a PR value of more than 56 lakh taka. But there was no news on state owned mobile operator Teletalk in May.


Monitoring print media news on telecom sector

Telecom Printed News Size - May, 2014

Nearly 11 thousand column-inches of news reports on six mobile phone operators were published in 43 national newspapers of the country in May. Total PR value of all the published news on this sector is almost 4 crore taka.

The Daily Star published the highest amount of news among all the national dailies on telecom sector. It published 1,333 column-inches of telecom news. Bangla national daily newspaper Sangbad was at the second position that published 600 column-inches of such news. Dhaka Tribune, Independent, News Today and Daily Observer were some other newspapers that published more than five hundred column-inches of telecom news in May.

Printed Telecom News PR Size (Operators) - May, 2014

Among six mobile operators, most news was relevant to country’s largest mobile operator Grameenphone. The total size of all the Grameenphone relevant news published in different newspapers was more than 53 hundred column-inches. Banglalink was at the second place in terms of total size of news reports. More than 2 thousand column-inches of news reports relevant to Banglalink were published in different national daily newspaper of the country in the same month. Only a few reports were published in newspapers about Teletalk and Citycell.

Printed Telecom News PR Value (Operators) - May, 2014

Total PR value of the all the news reports published about Grameenphone was more than 2 crore taka whereas the PR value of all news reports published about Banglalink was over 60 lakh taka. The PR value of all the news reports about Robi was more than 56 lakh taka.