Mobile Phone Operators in Radio Advertising, November 2016

Mobile Operator RadioOnly 4 mobile operators of the country have appeared in radio commercial throughout November 2016. All these operators have promoted beyond 7.4 thousand minutes of commercial duration. The leading advertising operator Grameenphone spend around 4.4 thousand minutes for commercials in radio. The nearest advertiser Banglalink played around 1.5 thousand minutes. In addition, the remaining two brands are Airtel and Robi; the figures of duration are over 8 hundred minutes and over 6 hundred minutes successively. However, the top advertising day for mobile phone operators in radio was 28 November with almost 4 hundred minutes. Meanwhile, 10 pm was the top advertising hour with more than 8 hundred minutes. Lastly, Radio Today was the top publishing station of mobile operators' advertisements with over 1.3 thousand minutes of duration.