Magazine Top Three Cosmetics and Toiletries Brands, December 2016

Cosmetics (Magazine)There are almost 6 thousand column-inches of cosmetics and toiletries advertisements took place in magazines during December 2016. More than 40 brands honed their commercial over this one month period. The top advertising brand Meril Revive Lotion appeared with over 6 hundred column-inches of advertisements, while petroleum jelly brand Vaseline had spared over 5 hundred column-inches. In the meantime, Lalbag Chemical's product Laxmi Bilash was promoted consuming over 3 hundred column-inches. However, the first day of December was the top advertising day for cosmetics and toiletries brands in magazine advertisements with more than 2.8 thousand column-inches of advertisements. Moreover, Canvas was the top publisher of magazine advertisements with almost 1.3 thousand column-inches.