Top Candy Brands in TV Commercial, December 2016

TV CandyCandy was one of the top advertising products in TV commercial during December 2016. There were around 10 candy brands appeared in TV with their portrayal of commercials. The top candy brand has been represented by Alpenliebe Lollipop with almost 3 thousand minutes of duration. The third and fourth most advertised candy brands are Pran Candy and Pran Choco Bin; the figures of duration are almost 1 thousand minutes and almost 6 hundred minutes respectively. In the meantime, Mentos Air Action is the brand that endorsed almost 5 hundred minutes. However, 6 December was the top advertising day commercials on candy and the duration was almost 3 hundred minutes. In addition, 5 pm was the top advertising hour with more than 6 hundred minutes. To conclude, Asia TV published over 1.3 thousand minutes of candy commercials in TV.