Detergent Powder Brands in TV Commercial, December 2016

Detergent in TV DecAround 10 detergent powder brands appeared in TV commercial during December 2016. All these brands together consumed over 8 thousand minutes of commercial duration. Being the top advertising brand Surf Excel commercial was advertised for around 2 thousand minutes. The remaining 2 brands among top 3 are Rin Power White and Wheel Powder; the figures of duration are over 1.7 thousand minutes and over 1.2 thousand minutes respectively. However, it was 8 pm when the highest duration of detergent powder commercial appeared in TV and it is more than 6 hundred minutes, while 25 December was the top advertising day when almost 4 hundred minutes of detergent powder commercials advertised in TV. To sum up, Boisakhi TV is the top channel that published over 6 hundred minutes of detergent powder commercials.