Top Beverage Brands in Radio Commercial, December 2016

Beverage RDC DecBeverage commercials tend to appear in greater extent to TV and radio all year round except two or three months during the winter season. More than 20 beverage brands made their endeavors in radio commercial during December 2016. All these brands together promoted over 2.2 thousand minutes of duration. However, the top beverage brand is represented by Clemon with over 5 hundred minutes of duration. The second top advertising brand Speed Energy Drink has also promoted over 5 hundred minutes. The remaining brand Twing advertised over 4 hundred minutes of duration. Stories apart, the top advertising hour for beverage commercial in radio was 8 am with almost 2 hundred minutes, while top advertising day was 28 December with almost 90 minutes of duration. Lastly, Radio Amar transmitted over 6 hundred minutes being the top publisher of beverage commercials.