Home Appliance Commercial in TV, December 2016

Home Appliance TV DecemberHome appliance has always been one of the top advertising categories in TV commercial. More than 50 brands appeared with their renditions of commercial display throughout TV screens. All these brands together played more than 10.7 thousand minutes of commercial duration. The top brand RFL Gas Stove advertised over 1.4 thousand minutes, while the nearest brand Unilever Pure It, a water purifier machine, appeared in TV with over 1.1 thousand minutes of duration. Another two notable home appliance brands are Omera Gas Stove and RFL Plastic Bowl; the figures of duration are over 1 thousand minutes and almost 9 hundred minutes respectively. Moreover, the top advertising day for home appliance commercial was 12 December with over 5 hundred minutes of commercial duration, while the top advertising hour has been represented by 8 pm when around 8 hundred minutes of commercials played through TV screens. To conclude, Mohona TV was the top publisher of home appliance commercials with around 1.2 thousand minutes of duration.