Top Hair Oil Brands in TV Commercial, December 2016

Hair Oil TVTV Commercial has witnessed more than 4.5 thousand minutes of hair oil commercials during December 2016. There were only 10 hair oil brands that appeared with their representations of commercials in TV during December 2016. The top brand Kumarika Herbal Hair Oil endorsed almost 1.1 thousand minutes. Meanwhile, the nearest advertiser Parachute Advance Extra Care promoted around 1 thousand minutes of commercial duration. Another notable advertiser Parachute Advance Beliphool endorsed over 9 hundred minutes of duration. However, the top advertising day for hair oil commercial was 26 December with over 2 hundred minutes of duration; hence, 3 pm was the top advertising hour for hair oil advertisements with almost 4 hundred minutes of duration. To sum up, Mohona TV aired over 8 hundred minutes of this type of commercial as the top publisher channel.