A Summary Report on New TV Advertisements, 01-15 January 2017

NEW AD TVCThis report will take a look at the new advertisements launched in TV during the first fifteen days of January 2017. New advertisements often attract new audience, thus reaching to the maximum numbers of consumers enhancing the image of the company or brand. For example, TV has witnessed launch of 110 new advertisements during the first 15 days of January 2017. The top advertiser Pran-RFL Group introduced 12 new advertisements. In the meantime, Annapurna Oil Mill is the second highest advertiser having launched 8 new advertisements. The remaining two advertisers among top 4 are Unilever Bangladesh and Akij Group; the quantities of new advertisements are 7 and 5 respectively. However, the top advertising day for new advertisement was 1 January with 26 new advertisements. Meanwhile, Gazi TV is the top publisher of new advertisements over a 15 day period with a quantity of 15. Lastly, 63 new advertisements launched during off-peak hours, while 47 were launched during peak hours.