TV Commercial Top Plastic Pipe Brands, 01-15 January 2017

Plastic Pipe TVThis report will draw an analysis of TV commercials on plastic pipe brands over the period 01-15 January 2017. There are six plastic pipe brands that appeared in TV commercial having consumed over 2 thousand minutes of commercial duration. The top brand RFL Pipe was advertised for over 9 hundred minutes of duration. In the meantime, another two RFL products which are not pipe brands but plastic fitting and filter brands have appeared with almost 4 hundred minutes and around 3 hundred minutes successively. The remaining two brands among top 5 are A1 Pipe and Gazi Pipe; the figures of duration are over 2 hundred minutes and over 1 hundred minutes respectively. However, the top advertising day for pipe brand was 5 January with around 170 minutes of duration, while 10 pm was the top advertising hour with around 180 minutes of duration. Finally, Mohona TV was the top publisher channel commercials on pipe with around 3 hundred 3 hundred minutes of duration.