Over 79 thousand commercials aired on local Radio Stations

A total of 79,015 Radio Commercials were aired on 8 radio stations of the country in April this year. The total duration of all commercials aired in that month exceeds 42 thousand minutes. Possible total cost of advertisers to air their commercials on these 8 stations was more than 11 crore taka.

Highest number and duration of commercials were aired on the ABC Radio. This station alone aired more than 19 thousand commercials of nearly ten thousand minutes total duration in April. Radio Today was at the second place that aired almost 15 thousand commercials. State owned radio station Bangladesh Betar aired least number of commercials in that month. According to the rate cards of radio stations, earning of Radio Foorti from commercials was second highest among all the radio stations of the country. This radio station earned a total of 2.70 crore taka during April from the advertisements. ABC Radio was at the top with a total earning of 2.79 crore taka from the commercials aired on the station during the same month.